Accu 12V 18Ah with switch + charger


Light For Me ACCU 12V 18Ah Li-Ion, UN 38.3 certified battery pack with 2 RCA ports and switch, for underwater heating systems

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ACCU HEAT 12V 18Ah is built from anodsied aluminum and delrin, RCA ports - nickel plated brass. Lithium-Ion battery pack has the mandatory CE and UN 38.3 certification. The set includes: codura protective sleeve with stainless steel jubilee clips, dedicated charger and one RCA port cap.

RCA ports

ACCU HEAT is equipped with two RCA ports - one connected directly to the batery pack, the other through a switch. The set includes one RCA port cap to be put on the unused port. Each RCA port has one sealing oring. Maintenance of RCA port is simple - clean and dry the RCA connection port, grease the oring inside the port if necessary and store it in a cool and dry place.


Switch of ACCU HEAt is placed on the bottom of the canister. Easily accessible when assembled on the harness. Its built makes it easy to switch the accu on / off even in cold water when wearing gloves with thick lining.


ACCU HEAT is dedicated for technical divers who want to connect their light-for-me RCA head (port direct) and compatible heating systems (port switch). ACCU HEAT 12V 18Ah is dedicated for SANTI™heating systems: vest and/or gloves.


Data sheet

350mm (length) x 70mm (diameter)

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