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Light For Me Universal Battery Canister

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IMPORTANT! This product does not contain Lithium Ion battery pack.
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Universal Battery Canister is dedicated to be used with light-for-me light heads equipped with RCA connector as part of underwater main light.

Battery pack

Universal Battery Canister does not contain any battery pack. It allows user to choose the battery pack of their preference bearing in mind the internal dimensions of the canister and power drawn by the light head. Preferred battery packs: Lithium-ion of 11.1 or 14.4V. Capacity of the battery pack: depends on the power of the light head.


ACCU container is built from anodised aluminum (tube) and delrin (top and bottom lids). RCA ports are made from stainless steel.

RCA connection

Canister is equipped with two RCA connection ports that can be wired directly to the battery pack. It comes with one RCA port cap that protects the RCA port and battery pack if one port is unused.


Accu container requires minimum but regular mentenance after diving. RCA ports need drying and sealing orings inside them need greasing.

How to calculate burntime

In order to calculate burn time of the light head, you need to know the V and Ah of the battery pack and W of the light head. Let’s take, as example, battery pack 14.4V 11.25Ah and 7XML RCA head that takes 84W:
To calculate Watt-hours of the battery pack: 14.4V x 11.25Ah = 162Wh To check the max burn time: 162Wh / 84W = 1.9h*

*Battery packs have built in protection module that will not allow the battery to be drained, therefore the calculated burn time is only for illustrative purposes.

Content of the set

  • Battery canister with codura sleeve and covered stainelss steel jubilee clips
  • One RCA port cap
  • RCA connector for charger
  • ACCU wrench - a smart tool for opening the bottom lid of the canister. ACCU wrench is made from anodised aluminum and due to high precision cnc machining, it perfectly fits the bottom lid. Colours - chosen randomly. It's easy to use - simply place the wrench in place on the bottom lid and turn left until the lid twists completely off the tube.

Data sheet

Accu outer length
Accu outer diameter
Accu max inner length
Accu inner diameter
Accu weight

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