3x C-Size to 18650 Battery Adapter


Light For Me 3x C-size to 18650 Battery Adapter for backup torches


3xC-size to 1 x 18650 Li-Ion battery adapter. Fits any long light-for-me backup torch manufactured for the last 10 years. Rechargeable Li-Ion batteries in the size of 18650 are getting more and more popular and can be obtained in more places. Now it is possible to power long standard body backup with one 18650 Li-Ion battery.


The adapter is made from delrin and fits any long backup torch manufactured for the last 10 years. Easy to use - simply slide the adapter inside the backup body, place the 18650 Li-Ion battery and it is ready. If you decide to go back to 3xC batteries, slide the adapter out of the body and it is done. No additional tools required to assemble it.


As with all light-for-me MINI backup lights that are powered by 18650 Li-Ion batteries, we recommend using high quality battery and dedicated charger obtained from a reliable source. Recommended brands: Samsung and Panasonic.


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