Accu Heat 324Wh + charger


Accu Heat 324Wh + charger

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ACCU HEAT 324Wh set

The set consists of ACCU L and Heating Vest Controller. ACCU is made from anodised aluminium and delrin, controller’s can - from delrin.

RCA connection

ACCU L is equipped with two RCA connection ports, connected directly to the battery pack. It comes with one RCA port cap that protects the RCA port and battery pack if one of the ports is unused. RCA ports are made from nickel plated brass and the connection is protected with a sealing oring.


The controller’s work is to adjust the voltage from 14.4 to 12V, which makes it compatible with major underwater heating systems. It has two power modes: 100% and 50% indicated by the blue light around the piezo button. Switching between the modes is easy with a single press of the piezo switch. When turned off it indicates - with red light - the battery pack charge level.

E/O connector

Genuine E/O connector perfectly works with THERMO Valve. Permanently sealed inside. Most popular type of connection in underwater heating systems.


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