4TEC E/O Head


Light For Me 4TEC E/O Head - up to 1200 lumens, E/O cord, piezo switch, great light for underwater communication in low visibility waters


Narrow light beam

Four ultrabright XPE diodes of cold light temperature with dedicated optics giving very narrow light beam.

Piezo switch

No rotary elements in the switch. No magnetic elements that could influence compass readings. Protected against accidental switching on by being recessed in the housing. Works flawlessly across the depth range. Change between the two modes of light with one press of the switch.


Light and compact housing made from anodised aluminum. Placed low on the goodman handle. Double sealed cable entry with spring relif stainless steel gland.

Perfect for communication

A long-time bestselling light head, redesigned to be smaller and lighter with same powerful light output, great light head for underwater communication.

Underwater photo gallery


Data sheet

Lumen output
max 1200
Light angle
6 degrees
Max dimensions
60mm (length) 55-64mm (diameter)
Cord length
ca. 15cm

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