7XML E/O Head


Light For Me 7XML Head - up to 7800 lumens, E/O cord, piezo switch, strong and powerful underwater light


Highest brightness

Seven diodes XMLII with total output of 7800 lumens make this head the strongest in the offer. Cold colour of light perfectly penetrates water.

Compact size of new head

Totally redesigned new lightweight head. Piezo switch without any rotary elements. Stainless steel gland.

Dedicated optics

Specially dedicated high quality optic.

Piezo switch

Recessed in the housing. No rotary elements at all. No influence on compass. Piezo switch.

Underwater photo gallery


Data sheet

Lumen output
max 7800
Light angle
13 degrees
Max dimensions
57mm (length) 55-80mm (diameter)
Cord length
ca. 15cm

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