4XPG Hand Torch


Light For Me 4XPG Hand Dive Torch - up to 1600 lumens, powered by 2 x 18650 Li-Ion batteries, small compact and powerful underwater light

SPECIAL OFFER! Now the set consists of:

  • codura cover

LED there be light

Powerful and strong light in a compact and lightweight body. 4 x XPG LEDs emitting 1600 lumens with dedicated optics.


4XPG can be powered by two types of batteries. Power output controlled and monitored by a driver.

Double sealing

4XPG torch is sealed with two orings that protect the torch and make it water tight. Orings are placed on the body and require minimum care - simply cleand and grease them.

Travel companion

4XPG is a great torch for travelling when baggage weight matters the most - it is lightweight and small. Great for recreational dives at remote locations.

Simple attachment

No need for complicated attachment systems - simply tie a snap bolt to the hole.

Underwater photo gallery


Data sheet

Lumen output
max 1600
Light angle
20 degrees
Max dimensions
204mm (length) 39-55mm (diameter)
Weight w/o batteries

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