7XPE Head + Accu 6.7-11.25Ah Factory Refurbished


Light For Me dive torch 7XPE Head with Accu 6.7-11,25Ah Factory Refurbished

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IMPORTANT! Please contact us for availability before placing an order.

Below is some general info on products available in Factory outlet, more detailed description about each product will be provided soon.

Products available in Factory Outlet consist mainly of:>

  • - demo products
  • - ex display products
  • - test products we used before releasing a new product
  • - end-of-series products
  • - discontinued products
  • - etc.

They all can have more or less visible signs of use, some may have been used and in water for once or twice, others a lot more. They are likely to come with some scratches and usual wear and tear marks.

Some are brand new but come from a discontinued series or end-of-series batch - this means we no longer offer this type of product as brand new, either because we stopped making this particular model of torch or because we redesigned some bits in it (as for example the piezo switch which in first units was not recessed into the housing).

Sometimes they are assembled from a few products returned to us for post warranty service and their owners decided not to go through with the service as it was not cost worthy.

We always test and service them before putting into Factory Outlet so they are all in working order - with 2-week manufacturers warranty for checking the products available, orings greased (or replaced if needed), etc.

But these should be treated as second-hand products with all its limitations.

Note: Products in Factory outlet may not be available for immediate shipping, sometimes the processing time may be up to 2-3 weeks. This time may be required for us to get the product back from demo, display etc, service and check.

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