Set 3XML Alexandra RCA + Accu XS 4.4Ah


Light For Me underwater light set: 3XML Alexandra RCA + Accu XS 4.4Ah 14.4V + Cordura Bag

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Light source

Three XML II with total lumen output of 3600 and dedicated 13-degree optics. Additional red signalling diode. Three modes of light. Light head set low on the goodman handle.

Piezo switch

No more rotary or magnetic elements, piezo switch does not influence compass readings. Working at any depth. Protected against accidental switch. Change light modes with one press of the switch.


Made from anodised aluminum. Small and compact, but strong and durable. Double sealed cable entry with stainless steel spring gland. Goodman handle with additional holes that make it lighter and allow for the head to be attach to the harness in various ways.

Aim - recreation

3XML Alexandra head is great for diving trips - compact and light. Its tech parameters make it an ideal light for good visibility waters.

ACCU XS 4.4Ah 14.4V


ACCU XS 4.4Ah is small and compact - great for recreational dives and for dives in remote locations when baggage weight is restricted. It comes equipped with high quality CE and UN 38.3 certified Li-Ion battery pack.

RCA connection

ACCU XS is equipped with one RCA connection point - used both for attaching one of light-for-me light heads and charging.


Maintenance of the ACCU XS is simple - clean and dry the RCA connection port, grease the oring inside the port if necessary and store it in a cool and dry place.


ACCU XS is made from aluminum and delrin. RCA port - stainless steel. This makes it able to withstand the usual diving conditions pre-, during and post-dive.

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Data sheet

Lumen output
max 3600
Voltage & Capacity
14.4 V, 4.4Ah
Accu Weight & Dimensions
1.8kg, 280mm (length) x 75mm (diameter)
Head Weight & Dimensions
585g, 56mm (length) 40-52mm (diameter)

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