Set 7XPE RCA + Accu M- Sidemount Backmount 8.6Ah


Light For Me underwater light set: 7XPE RCA + Accu M- Sidemount Backmount 8.6Ah 14.4V + Codura cover

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Perfect communication

Torch known for years, now with totaly redesigned housing. Weight reduced of more than 45%. Totaly new microprocessor electronics. Extremely durable triple sealed front glass. Piezo switch.

Very narrow beam

Seven Cree XPE ultra bright diodes of cold colour temperature specially preselected. Dedicated optics.

Piezo switch

Working at any depth. Protected against accidental switch. No magnetic field disturbtion and influence on compass reading. No rotary elements. Two modes of brightness switched between with a single press of piezo switch.

Lightweight housing

Double sealed housing back with stainless steel gland. Extremely strong construction made from anodised aluminium. Placed low on the goodman handle and close to top of the hand.

ACCU M- Sidemount Backmount 8.6Ah 14.4V


ACCU M- is made from anodised aluminum and delrin. RCA ports - nickel plated brass. It is dedicated for divers with both backmounted and sidemounted dive gear configuration. It comes with protective codura sleeve and stainless steel jubilee clips.


Maintenance of the ACCU M- SM BM is simple - clean and dry the RCA connection ports, grease the sealing oring inside the ports if necessary and store it in a cool and dry place.

RCA connection

ACCU M- SM BM is equipped with two RCA connection ports, connected directly to the battery pack. One port is at 90 degree and is decdicated for sidemount divers. Each RCA port has one sealing oring. It comes with one RCA port cap - for the unused port.


ACCU M- SM BM is great for technical divers who use Sidemount configuration, but also for those that use a traditional backmounted kit. It can be assembled on the harness with the use of provided strap but can also be easily assembled on the back pad with some bungees.

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Data sheet

Lumen output
Voltage & Capacity
14.4V, 8.6Ah
Accu Weight & Dimensions
1.8kg, 280mm (length) x 75mm (diameter)
Head Weight & Dimensions
735g, 57mm (length) 55-80mm (diameter)

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